January Schedule of Guild Events

January 3rd   10:00 AM                           Board Meeting
at Creative Sewing Machine Center                                     1st Tuesday

January 10th   9:30 AM                            Day Bee                 2nd Tuesday
Meets at the home of  Jean M

January 17th   9:30 AM                           Regular Meeting
 at Seven Oaks Presbyterian Church                                   3rd Tuesday
FELLOWSHIP HALL                The Fringe Sisters

January 23rd   7:00 PM                        Quilt Mavens             4th Monday
Meets at the home of Elizabeth K

January 24th   9:30 AM                        Charity Quilts
 at Seven Oaks Presbyterian Church                                   4th Tuesday
meeting in a classroom     
 January 26th   7:00                              Knight Bee
Meets at the home of Joyce G                   Last Thursday of the Month

Monthly Challenge for January

This month's theme for the monthly challenge is... Apron.

   Make an apron!  For example, a Utility Apron (a regular apron that has pockets for measuring cups and spoon, loops for spatulas, wooden spoons and a pocket for an ipod!), a designer apron, or a funny apron – Use your imagination  !   

(   This site has directions for a quilt block apron –

 Due at the General Meeting in January 2012. 

          You have two options:
1.      Easy - make a block that has a kitchen theme or use fabric from your aprons. 
2.   Advanced - make an apron or an entire kitchen themed quilt.   Any size is acceptable.

Our Holiday Meeting

     After the business and show-and-tell, members enjoyed a wonderful array of food for our potluck brunch.  After enjoying everything from fruit to breakfast casseroles to salads, as expected, we also enjoyed a wide selection of tasty desserts. Then about half the members chose to participate in the Gift Stealing Game directed by Lynne.

Things got interesting after this lovely table runner made by Deb was unwrapped.

                         It was stolen …

                             again …

                         and again …

                         and again …

                            and again …

                                 and again ...

                                  and again.
      There were many other lovely handmade gifts such as these angels made by Charlotte.

                   and a couple of wrapped cording bowls.
    I hope all our guild members enjoy a safe and happy holiday season. 

Are You Working on the December Challenge?

    This morning I started the coffee pot and had an epiphany.  I would make a mug rug for the December guild challenge.  I had been toying with a different idea but could not get motivated.  We are supposed to use colors that begin with our initials so I was working with Eggplant, Vanilla and Kelly Green    or Emerald, Violet and Khaki   … or Ecru, Violet and Kelly Green. 
    A few months ago I saw the Hybrid Tea Rose block on “15 Minutes Play Blog”.  You can check it out here.  www.15minutesplay.com/2011/07hybrid-tea-rose-block.html   I have been wanting to try the block so I pulled out my green fabric crumbs, chose ones that I thought could pass for emerald for Kelly green and started piecing green fabric that would become the leaves.  

      I found a big chunk of neutral for the Ecru, Vanilla, light Khaki background.
I pulled out my purple fabric crumbs ( thinking Violet and Eggplant ) and pieced the rose.  I really wanted the lady bug.

      At first I squared up to 4.5” and then decided that was too large for the mug rug.  I wanted it to finish about 6 by 8” so I trimmed the half-square triangle units to 3.5” and made another leaf.  Then I ended with a 6.5 by 9.5” mug rug. 
      Recently on “Sewing with Nancy” on my ETV station she used fusible tape to hold a small quilt sandwich together so I pulled out my roll of ½ inch wide Stitch Witchery and used small pieces to make my sandwich.  I free-motion quilted leaves and curls and a center for the flower.  I found the gold in my box of leftover binding and a couple of hours later I have a cute mug rug finished.  
       I hope many of you have taken on the challenge and I look forward to seeing the results next Tuesday at our meeting.

November Show and Tell

      Here is a sampling of the show and tell from our November general meeting.  These are a few items from the monthly challenge with the theme "International".

   Here are a few of the quilts and other items.

November Charity Sew

   Because we had a very small group today at Charity Sew, we were able to pull all the fabric bins down and organize.   Jean is working on our old supply of needles from when our guild use to tie adult quilts.  Now they all get machine quilted thanks to several of our long-arm quilters.

     As a thank you for all he does to help at our guild meetings, the guild is giving Karl a quilt for Christmas.  Jean and Rosina pieced and Bonney quilted. It is lovely.

December Challenge Theme

December’s challenge theme is  COLORFUL   NAMES
The initials of your name are the colors that you use in this project.  For example, for Lynne’s initials of “L I S” she chose lime, indigo, and salmon
Participants choose their colors based on their initials.  Due at the General Meeting in December 2011. 

Easy - make a block with your colors or a block with your initials in those colors
Advanced - an entire quilt with your initial colors

The following links may help you with a idea for a color name:


November Day Bee

        We had a great crowd for Day Bee hosted by Deb.  Carol showed her tuffet made at QSC Pieceable Retreat in class from Carolyn.  She still needs to paint the feet black but it looks wonderful. 
        Lari has been leading us for a Mystery Quilt.  Today we received part 5 which follows.
 We’re going to actually start building our blocks this month. Those of you who suspected that we’re making stars – you’re right!  Grab the flying geese units and 2” squares from part 2 and the
3 ½” squares from part 4 and arrange them how you like.  Remember that we cut the 2” squares to match the flying geese background so you can keep the background of your star block all the same or you may end up choosing to mix them all up, it’s up to you.  Even if you have the background all the same it will still be very scrappy in the end.  You will have extra flying geese left over (remember that we did not cut 2” sq. for all the flying geese).  Just make 36 star blocks for the 69” x 69” size and 16 star blocks for the 48 x 48” size.
    See the arrows on the drawing below for pressing directions.  It’s very important to press all blocks in a consistent manner so that they will fit together later on.  Since the direction of the seams on the top and bottom of the block are different than the sides, you may want to put a pin at the top of each block to make it easier to align for the next step. 

November Monthly Challenge

2012 Quilt Challenge !!

Every month Lynne will give you a theme and it will be due the following month at the General Meeting. This month's theme is...
        Your creation can be English paper piecing, the use of French fabrics,  
African fabrics,  
                        anything Oriental,


 the Vietnamese needlepoint technique, etc… Let your creativity take flight !
 Due at the General Meeting in November 2011.

          You have two options:
 1. Easy - make a 12x12 inch block for each month’s theme – for Nov. make an “international” block.
 2. Advanced - make an entire quilt or item for that month. Any size is acceptable.  For November  
 make an entire quilt with an “international” theme.

November 's Happenings

November 1st   10:00 AM                           Board Meeting
at Creative Sewing Machine Center                                          1st Tuesday

November 8th   9:30 AM                            Day Bee             2nd Tuesday
Meets at the home of  Deb M

November 15th   9:30 AM                           Regular Meeting
 at Seven Oaks Presbyterian Church                                  3rd Tuesday
FELLOWSHIP HALL        Joanne W and JoAnn A Trunk show   
Christmas Napkin After-After  with Jean M

November  17th   7:00 PM  ( because of Thanksgiving)        Knight Bee
Meets at the home of Sandra B         usually last Thursday of the Month

November 22th   9:30 AM                        Charity Quilts
 at Seven Oaks Presbyterian Church                                   4th Tuesday
meeting in a classroom     

November 28st   7:00 PM                        Quilt Mavens         4th Monday
Meets at the home of Bonney W   

Charity Sew Tuesday

     This is the first post for the new Greater Columbia Quilters Blog.  It is hoped that many members will post to this blog in the future to show others the many happenings going on in our great guild.     

This morning was the charity sew meeting.  We spent the morning sorting fabric, cutting squares and 2 1/2" strips.  We felt like we accomplished a lot.  These photos show some of the work going on.

The fellowship was also great while working and during a lunch of homemade Taco soup and many wonderful side dishes shared by the workers.