November Charity Sew

   Because we had a very small group today at Charity Sew, we were able to pull all the fabric bins down and organize.   Jean is working on our old supply of needles from when our guild use to tie adult quilts.  Now they all get machine quilted thanks to several of our long-arm quilters.

     As a thank you for all he does to help at our guild meetings, the guild is giving Karl a quilt for Christmas.  Jean and Rosina pieced and Bonney quilted. It is lovely.

December Challenge Theme

December’s challenge theme is  COLORFUL   NAMES
The initials of your name are the colors that you use in this project.  For example, for Lynne’s initials of “L I S” she chose lime, indigo, and salmon
Participants choose their colors based on their initials.  Due at the General Meeting in December 2011. 

Easy - make a block with your colors or a block with your initials in those colors
Advanced - an entire quilt with your initial colors

The following links may help you with a idea for a color name:

November Day Bee

        We had a great crowd for Day Bee hosted by Deb.  Carol showed her tuffet made at QSC Pieceable Retreat in class from Carolyn.  She still needs to paint the feet black but it looks wonderful. 
        Lari has been leading us for a Mystery Quilt.  Today we received part 5 which follows.
 We’re going to actually start building our blocks this month. Those of you who suspected that we’re making stars – you’re right!  Grab the flying geese units and 2” squares from part 2 and the
3 ½” squares from part 4 and arrange them how you like.  Remember that we cut the 2” squares to match the flying geese background so you can keep the background of your star block all the same or you may end up choosing to mix them all up, it’s up to you.  Even if you have the background all the same it will still be very scrappy in the end.  You will have extra flying geese left over (remember that we did not cut 2” sq. for all the flying geese).  Just make 36 star blocks for the 69” x 69” size and 16 star blocks for the 48 x 48” size.
    See the arrows on the drawing below for pressing directions.  It’s very important to press all blocks in a consistent manner so that they will fit together later on.  Since the direction of the seams on the top and bottom of the block are different than the sides, you may want to put a pin at the top of each block to make it easier to align for the next step. 

November Monthly Challenge

2012 Quilt Challenge !!

Every month Lynne will give you a theme and it will be due the following month at the General Meeting. This month's theme is...
        Your creation can be English paper piecing, the use of French fabrics,  
African fabrics,  
                        anything Oriental,


 the Vietnamese needlepoint technique, etc… Let your creativity take flight !
 Due at the General Meeting in November 2011.

          You have two options:
 1. Easy - make a 12x12 inch block for each month’s theme – for Nov. make an “international” block.
 2. Advanced - make an entire quilt or item for that month. Any size is acceptable.  For November  
 make an entire quilt with an “international” theme.