Member's Mission

      In the past our guild members have made many pillowcase dresses for Africa, but GCQ member, Carol, took the idea to her church women and look at what they were able to do.  

Surrounded by over 225 handmade dresses and shorts made by the women of Union United Methodist Church are ( L-R) Joan, Francie, Carol & Judy.  Carol coordinated the "Little Dresses for Africa" project at her church and during their Spring Meeting of the Women of the Church on  April 24th, presented these incredible creations to their guest of honor, Francie, for the children at the orphanages in Zimbabwe.

Upcoming May Events

May 1st   10:00 AM                   Board Meeting
at Creative Sewing Machine Center                                          1st Tuesday

May 8th   9:30 AM                            Day Bee                       2nd Tuesday
Meets at the home of Lari G

May 15th   9:30 AM                  Regular Meeting
 at Seven Oaks Presbyterian Church                                  3rd Tuesday
FELLOWSHIP HALL                  Fiber Fanatics from Myrtle Beach

May 22nd   9:30 AM                        Charity Quilts
 at Seven Oaks Presbyterian Church                                  4th Tuesday
meeting in a classroom     
May 28th   7:00 PM                        Quilt Mavens                  4th Monday
Meets at the home of Jean M
May  31st   6:00 PM                            Knight Bee
Meets at Judy T’s lake house                   Last Thursday of the Month

Challange for May

Make a quilt using only border fabrics; make one “Mexican or Canadian” themed, “Borders” bookstore theme, etc. 

Due at the May 2012 general meeting.

Easy – make a border block
Advanced – make an entire quilt using the border theme

Need some hints for working with border prints?  I enjoy the tips and techniques from Jenny Beyer.  She specializes in border prints so you might take a look to get some ideas.

Working With Border Prints

April Quilt Mavens Meeting

      Monday evening was the April gathering of Quilt Mavens.  I was hosting and planned for us to play a few rounds of Quilt Wheel of Fortune (except we had no wheel).  The game I found online suggested trying to name the quilt block by filling in the missing letters.  Some were very easy for the ladies to name.  An example is :   _ e _ r   _ _ w 
Can you guess it?

Marty and her daughter each were sewing binding on to finish projects.

Vickie shared her chicken quilt

and a couple of Lonestar quilt tops she bought online that she plans to finish and quilt.

We have a great time and others are welcome so if you have never been, think about visiting.

Susan Congdon, “The Bag Lady”

       For April’s program Aiken Quilt Shop’s own Susan Congdon, “The Bag Lady”, presented a large selection of bags in varying sizes and types including purses, totes, handbags and a kid’s purse.  She talked about designers, patterns, construction options and materials and passed around her examples ( with pattern identified)  so everyone got a close look.
This little purse had changeable flaps and one for each season. 

She provided directions for a simple drawstring bag made from a fat quarter and a list of websites that include bags you could make for reuseable grocery totes.  Here is the list:

I feel sure many of our members will be busy sewing on a new bag soon. 

April’s Show and Tell

      Some members find it distracting for photos to be taken during the meeting so members have been asked to come to the side afterwards for their quilt photos to be taken.  Not many members do, but here are the ones that I do have to share. 
 Clara has been busy.

 Linda did a lot of piecing for this King size quilt.

 The next 2 are mine for the VA Hospice unit.

Day Bee Fun

   There was a good crowd at April’s Day Bee meeting hosted by Dorothy.  She had baked coffee cake and monkey bread for our enjoyment.  Lari passed out step 8 for the mystery quilt.  We need to sew together sets of 18 – 1 ½” strips that we cut in part 1. After the strip sets are sewn and pressed, they are to be cut into 3 ½” segments. 
     Bev brought a stack of magazines to share and plastic templates of quilting designs.  She also had a special quilt to show with the signatures of ladies in her family. 

Carol showed this lovely blue and white wallhanging she is working on.  She plans to add lots of sparkling beads to the center.  

While many of us just enjoyed visiting, Jean stitched the binding on a large charity quilt. 

Judy and Rosina also worked on projects.

After the meeting, 8 of us continued our fun time with quilting friends by going out to lunch together. Day Bee is open to any GCQ member that is interested.

Fabric Copyrights

    After reading on Bonnie Hunter's blog about a quilt designer's problem, I started paying more attention to copyright issues for quilters.  I also read Leah Day's thoughts on the issue and found them very informative.  I hope our members will take a few minutes to read more and think about how we use the fabric we love.  Here is a link to Leah Day's thoughts  on the issue.
    Have you noticed on the selvedge  "For Personal Use Only" or the copyright symbol?

April Schedule of Activities

April 3rd   10:00 AM                Board Meeting
at Creative Sewing Machine Center                                           1st Tuesday

April 10th   9:30 AM                            Day Bee                    2nd Tuesday
Meets at the home of Dorothy

April 17th   9:30 AM                Regular Meeting
 at Seven Oaks Presbyterian Church                                       3rd Tuesday
FELLOWSHIP HALL              
“The Bag Lady”, Susan Congdon- Aiken Quilt Shop’s own Susan Congdon, who is famous for all her bags, will be joining us to show us all her lovely purses, totes and handbags.  Aiken Quilt Shop will also be bringing patterns and other treasures to sell after the Program so bring your checkbooks!
 April 23rd   7:00 PM                        Quilt Mavens                 4th Monday
Meets at the home of Elizabeth       

April 24th   9:30 AM                        Charity Quilts
 at Seven Oaks Presbyterian Church                                        4th Tuesday
meeting in a classroom     
April  26th   7:00 PM                         Knight Bee
Meets at the home of Dee                            Last Thursday of the Month