Bonnie Hunter

      I love to read Bonnie Hunter's blog and see all the wonderful quilts she makes. She also shares so many free quilt patterns.  Some our members have made her mystery quilts.  She is coming out with a new book that should be out in July.  The following post on her blog shows a huge group of fabulous string quilts that are in her new book.
Our guild is scheduled to have Bonnie October 25 and 26, 2013.  Isn't that exciting?

June Guild Events

June 5th   10:00 AM                  Board Meeting
at Creative Sewing Machine Center                                    1st Tuesday

June 12th   9:30 AM                            Day Bee                    2nd Tuesday
Meets at the home of Lynne S.

June 19th   9:30 AM                 Regular Meeting
  Picnic at Yacht Cove                                                           3rd Tuesday
Here are the directions to Yacht Cove:
Take I-26 Exit on to Lake Murray Blvd. going towards the dam.  About 4 miles to the stoplight at Highway 6, turn right toward Ballentine.   Go ¼  mile to the next light at the Citco gas station and turn left on to River Road. Yacht Cove is the next left turn.  The gate will be open from 9-11 am, drive about ¼  mile going straight ahead and the Clubhouse is on the right just past the tennis courts. Plenty of parking is available.

This is our time to officially begin the summer season!!  Come join us for our annual picnic (please bring a dish to share - this is a picnic after all!!) at Yacht Cove, and don’t forget to sign-up for our After-After.  Zohra A. has graciously offered to teach her “Three Pocket Bag” pattern to the Guild.

June 25th   7:00 PM                        Quilt Mavens                   4th Monday
Meets at the home of Vickie P.

June 26th   9:30 AM                        Charity Quilts
 at Seven Oaks Presbyterian Church                                   4th Tuesday
meeting in a classroom     
 June  28th   7:00 PM                            Knight Bee
Meets at the home of Liz F.                         Last Thursday of the Month

Cotton Theory Trivet

     Clara taught our After-after for us to make a trivet or potholder using the Cotton Theory of Quilting. 
 It was a fun time for sewing fellowship. 

     I have seen Betty Cotton demonstrate her techniques several times on “Sewing with Nancy” and have wanted to try it.  Now that I have, I don’t know that I will do any more.  I have a lot of respect for the work that it took for Clara or anyone to make a full size bed quilt using this method.  It takes a tremendous amount of preparation cutting the top and backing fabric pieces as well as the batting pieces.
Here are 2 photos of mine finished. It has 2 good sides. 

Monthly Challenge

   The challenge for May was to make a quilt using only border fabrics; make one “Mexican or Canadian” themed, “Borders” bookstore theme, etc…  Lynne made one with a Mexican theme as an example.  Clara made a complete quilt project.  Here are photos of them spread out. (The doll was Sandra's show and tell ) 

Here is close up of Carol’s giraffe block. 

Monthly Challenge for June     “Too Hot To Sew”

This is a “no sewing required” project.  Any project that does not require any sewing, for example, a woven ribbon placemat that is held together by iron on fusible web.  Lynne’s example is a placemat made from several colors of duck tape.  That is fancy duck tape.

Easy – make a non-sewing block
Advanced – make an entire non-sewing quilt or project

May Show and Tell

Here are a few of the wonderful items from our May Show and Tell.
Several members had gifts for students going off to college.  Here is one for Lynne's daughter. 

                     This is by Vicki.
Vicki also made a child's quilt for the QSC project.

           Sandra made a doll.

Sorry the photo does not show all the bead work by Joanne.
I believe this is Clara's from a block exchange.

This is Lynne's landscape from Judy Lilly's workshop.
 and here is one in progress.

“Fiber Fanatics” Trunk Show

      Our May program was a trunk show by the art quilt group “Fiber Fanatics” from Myrtle Beach. Six of their 7 members presented.  On their work days they love to experiment with different materials and techniques. Sometimes they have a group challenge where they each create a piece with a particular theme. 

For this project they each did a self portrait.

Even though they each create a piece using the same technique, their pieces turn out very different.

Judy is showing samples of fabric they each had to use in their piece and you can see they had many different uses.

 Most of the pieces were very textural and 3 dimensional.

After the show, the members enjoyed a close look and time for personal questions. 

Free-Motion Quilting Challenge

Many of our guild members enjoyed the lecture and class from Leah Day.  Leah is the teacher for May in the Free-Motion Quilting Challenge hosted by SewCalGal.

  I hope you will check out Leah's lesson and maybe some others.


For the After-after at the May regular meeting May15th, Clara will show how to make a quilted trivet using the Cotton Theory Quilting method. To participate you need to have pieces precut when you come and the following supplies.

Bring to class a machine with a zigzag stitch and a walking foot, thread to match or contrast fabric pieces, rotary cutter, 12” x 6” ruler or Add-a-Line ruler, straight pins. Precut fabric & batting as listed below. 
Label pieces accordingly.

Front Side                                       Back Side
Center Square                                 Center Square
1 – 8” x 8”                                      1 – 8” x 8”
Squares  (correction)                       Squares  (correction)
2 – 4”x 4”                                         2 – 4” x 4”
Rectangles 1 & 2                               Rectangle 1
2 – 3” x 8”                                        1 – 3” x 8”
Rectangles 3 & 4                               Rectangle 2
2 – 3” x 10”                                     1 – 3” x 8”
                                                        Rectangle 3
Batting                                             1 – 3” x 10”
Center Square                                   Rectangle 4
2 – 6” x 6”                                        1 – 3” x 10”
Rectangle 1 & 2                                  
2 – 1”x 6”                                        Binding
Rectangle 3 & 4                                 1 – 2.5” x wof
2 – 1” x 8”

I have seen the Cotton Theory Quilting method before, but now I'm looking forward to trying it out in a small project. I hope you will too.