September Events

September 4th   10:00 AM                     Board Meeting
at Creative Sewing Machine Center                                          1st Tuesday

September 11th   9:30 AM                            Day Bee          2nd Tuesday
Meets at the home of Carol S

September 18th   9:30 AM                     Regular Meeting
 at Seven Oaks Presbyterian Church                                     3rd Tuesday 
GCQ’s Silent Auction Get ready to donate and buy some fabulous items handmade by our Guild for our annual fundraiser.  This is one of the largest sources of income for our Guild so please donate something that you, yourself, would like to buy!  Invite neighbors, friends, relatives - we are not picky about who’s money we will take!!
September 24th   7:00 PM                        Quilt Mavens        4th Monday
Meets at the home of Bonney W

September 25th 9:30 AM      Sew Day for Comfort Quilts     4th Tuesday

September  27th   7:00 PM                            Knight Bee
Meets at the home of Linda D                     Last Thursday of the Month

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