Mug Rugs

     Have you ever made a mug rug?  Quilting Gallery is hosting a mug rug swap 

with a subscription fee of $5 but for that you receive two mug rug patterns by Amanda, pattern designer from The Patchsmith.  Whether you are interested in signing up for the swap or not, The Patchsmith has great information on mug rugs, uses and making them.  

Here is part of the interesting info I gathered from Amanda's site: 

What is a mug rug?
A mug rug differs fundamentally from a coaster.   A coaster seats a cup and nothing more whereas a mug rug usually accommodates a mug and a cake or cookies.  A mug rug is a mini quilt varying in size from 4” x 7” to as large as 12” x 8”.  A quilter can fit more detail onto a mug rug and have more fun creating them.

What are mug rugs used for?
Mugs rugs can be used for many more things than just mugs and cookies.  They can be used to protect your table or furniture against plant pots, serving bowls, condiments and much more.  A pretty mug rug added to a dressing table is the perfect place for your perfume bottles or brush and comb set.  They can adorn coffee tables, desks and worktables.  They look good on the breakfast table holding the marmalade and honey pots or on the hall console table as the resting place for the car keys.  Children may like one on their bedside table to hold their supper drink. Indeed, every room in the house can find a space for these functional little quilts.

Why make a mug rug?
First – frugality.  A mug rug is a great way to use your scraps – and a quilter always has scraps!  Due to their size mug rugs use only small pieces of fabric.  Thus you can make a gift or decorative item for little or no cost.

Second– preparedness.  Every quilter loves to play with patterns and colors – a mug rug is the perfect thing to test out fabrics you are thinking of using in a larger item.  

Third – skill building.  You can try new techniques without wasting too much fabric or time. The mug rug allows you to practice your free-style quilting, matching your seams, strip patchwork to create a patchwork block, or other techniques without any danger of ruining the mug rug.  
Fourth – gift giving.  Mug rugs make perfect gifts and, due to their size, you will not be imposing your style and tastes upon another person as you would with a larger handmade item.   The recipient will not feel burdened at all by the effort and time you have expended, although expect them to think you have spent far more time than you actually have.  You can roll a mug rug up into a mug and hey-presto – a unique and perfect gift.  Add a plant and you have a great mother’s day gift. They are also light to send through the postal system either within your country or abroad.  

Fifth – versatility.  Mug rugs are so versatile as they can be used for many things as mentioned at the beginning – why not brighten up the dinner table by placing the salt and sauce bottles on a mug rug.  You can add a border to a mug rug and turn it into a placemat.  As gifts they can serve as: a “thank-you” to a teacher, friend, nurse or workmate, or a hostess gift.  That is just a few ideas.

    If you don't sign up with the Quilting Gallery, maybe a small group from guild or bee would like to have a mug rug swap. 
It sounds like fun.

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