Quilt Mavens Meeting

    Tonight Quilt Mavens meeting was at my home.  We had a fun small group.   I planned a game so we split into 2 teams for Quilt Pictionary.  A member was to try and draw something to get their team members to name the quilt block, but they could not draw the block or the name of it.  There were a couple we had not heard of.  Here is the winning team.

No much show and tell.  Jackie had made a purse

 and was working on another knitted ruffled scarf.

I had my old treadle sewing machine set up for people to try.  Several said they had learned on a treadle machine.  Here Joan is refreshing her memory sewing on it.

   Hope you join the fun next month.

February's Program

     Our own Jeanne Hertzog  presented a lecture and Power Point presentation entitled "Politics and History Reflected in Quilting."  She focused primarily on the 70 years from 1865 – 1935 beginning immediately following the Civil War and through to the early years of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s presidency. Jeanne shared info about how women’s issues and world events which inspired and motivated quilters. Topics included the Suffrage Movement, the Temperance Movement, and Clara Barton and her role in founding the Red Cross in the U.S. as well as the super stars of the day – Annie Oakley and Amelia Earhart. 
     Here is Jeanne with some of her samples.  

      Jeanne has several internet blogs including Arkangelsquilting.blogspot.com where you can see some more of her many talents and activities in which she participates.

Day Bee Meeting

   Today Day Bee was hosted by Charlotte at her home.  It was a special treat to see her craft room and her wonderful miniatures.  She works some in 3 different scales: 1 in = 12 in, 1/2" = 1 ft, and 1/4 in = 1 ft.
Here the tiny butcher block table is 1/4 scale next to one that is 1/12.

 The details on the house scene are amazing.

We loved seeing her her tiny works of art.

We also enjoyed chatting while some did hand work.

Jean showed her latest hexagon quilt.

Dorothy showed the progress she has made on a large applique project.

February Events

February 5th  10:00 AM                             Board Meeting
at Creative Sewing Machine Center                                         1st Tuesday

February 12th   9:30 AM                          Day Bee                  2nd Tuesday  
Meets at the home of Charlotte K

February 19th   9:30 AM                            Regular Meeting
 at Seven Oaks Presbyterian Church                                       3rd Tuesday
 530 St. Andrews Rd, Columbia
 FELLOWSHIP HALL                Jeanne H   “Politics and History
                                                                        Reflected in Quilting”
February 25th   7:00 PM                         Quilt Mavens              4th Monday
Meets at the home of Elizabeth K

February 26th  9:30 AM           Comfort Quilts Sew Day          4th Tuesday
at Seven Oaks Presbyterian Church   in SS classroom

February  28th   7:00 PM                          Knight Bee
Meets at the home of Linda S                        Last Thursday of the Month

5th Wheels

The first trip for the 5th Wheelers was Tuesday, Jan. 292013.  The destination was Mary Jo's in Gastonia, NC where we all gathered around 10:00am.  After everyone was shopped out we headed across the parking lot to Tavern 24 Bar & Grill.  A fun time was had by all until the overhead fans started throwing blades and that sort of broke up the party....no injuries were sustained.