February's Program

     Our own Jeanne Hertzog  presented a lecture and Power Point presentation entitled "Politics and History Reflected in Quilting."  She focused primarily on the 70 years from 1865 – 1935 beginning immediately following the Civil War and through to the early years of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s presidency. Jeanne shared info about how women’s issues and world events which inspired and motivated quilters. Topics included the Suffrage Movement, the Temperance Movement, and Clara Barton and her role in founding the Red Cross in the U.S. as well as the super stars of the day – Annie Oakley and Amelia Earhart. 
     Here is Jeanne with some of her samples.  

      Jeanne has several internet blogs including Arkangelsquilting.blogspot.com where you can see some more of her many talents and activities in which she participates.

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