March Events

March 5th  10:00 AM                       Board Meeting
 at Creative Sewing Machine Center                               1st Tuesday

March12th   9:30 AM                          Day Bee                  2nd Tuesday  
Meets at the home of Dorothy A.

March 19th   9:30 AM           Regular Meeting
 at Seven Oaks Presbyterian Church                               3rd Tuesday
 530 St. Andrews Rd, Columbia
 FELLOWSHIP HALL             “Rulermania” from Quilters Gallery

March 23rd   Noon                          Knight Bee
Meets at Laura’s Tea Room, Ridgeway                  Saturday this month

March 25th   7:00 PM                         Quilt Mavens              4th Monday
Meets at the home of  Carol S.

March 26th  9:30 AM           Comfort Quilts Sew Day          4th Tuesday
at Seven Oaks Presbyterian Church   in SS classroom

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