Special Work at June Day Bee

    Joan planned with Rosina and Bonney for Day Bee to work on the textile fabric book as our project for June's Day Bee.  Bonney hosted and let us spread out all over her downstairs space and work.  Our work was 'continued' support for the textile books for the young women of Zimbabwe and Francie M's work there.  We all got sooooo much accomplished.  We left everything at Bonney's and decided when we meet at her home again for Quilt Mavens on 24 June, we will try and finish cutting and labeling each piece so that we can assemble at least 15 separate books. 

    Tuesday was special.  Thanks to each worker for your support and sticking with me to get these textbooks completed.

   Joan and Bonney prepared a fabulous lunch of quiche and salad along with fresh cantaloupe, pineapple and grapes.  Bonney baked pound cake with fresh strawberries for dessert.

Following are photos Bonney took as we worked. 

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