Sue Nickels Workshop Review

Sue Nickels  presented 2 workshops for GCQ in August -  “Fabulous Feathers and Fillers” and “Folk Garden Borders: Machine Appliqué Techniques.

After having taken the ”Fabulous Feathers and Fillers” workshop from Sue Nickels, I had more confidence to make my feathers look more interesting using fillers.  Isn’t it usually the case that breaking down the process like she did makes it simpler or more manageable?

Using the techniques I learned from the machine appliqué workshop, my appliqué projects show much improvement.  I still want to do a little hand appliqué but using Sue Nickels technique makes for a faster finish.  And don’t we all want to get those projects finished so we can move on to the next one?

For anyone who missed the workshops, Sue Nickels’ books “Fabulous Feathers & Fillers” and “Stitched Raw Edge Appliqué” are two good books that explain her techniques in detail.

Linda S.

Here are some more photos from the workshops shared by Lari.

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