October Show and Tell

     October’s general meeting program was a special Show and Tell by members.  We were asked to show our first or an early quilt and also a current project.  We laughed at some of our learning experiences and enjoyed how far we have come.   I am posting some of the photos I took but I want to apologize for the quality.  Sorry for the mic in the middle of some.  I took photos from my seat.  We had so many participating and many were large and needed extra hands for showing so no one took the time to come to the side for better photos.  I missed many beautiful ones because my camera is slow and quilts were displayed in motion or too quickly.  With that said, I hope you enjoy these for the color and design even though not great photos. 

This is a recent quilt of Lari's.
Early from Ann A
 Recent from Ann A

The hand quilting on some early quilts was amazing like this one was from Annette P. 

 Betty K took 15 years to finish this special quilt 

Charlotte shared this bright tied poly/cotton early quilt.

This is one of Clara's in progress.

This early quilt from Dee is traditonal.

while this recent quilt is more expressive. 

Here is an early quilt from Francis

and here is a recent original design for her son. 

Bev B shared this unusual English paper-pieced quilt.

This was Lynne' first.

She has learned a lot in 6 years and now loves paper-piecing like this.

This is an early quilt from Wilma.

Kathy Y shared this early quilt 

 and this quilt in progress.

I don't remember who shared these next quilts.  If you know or if I have one identified wrong,  email me and I can correctly identify them.  

Thanks, Linda S. identified this last quilt as hers.

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