Fifth Wheels

We had a great time at Fifth Wheels last month. For those of you who don't know what that is -- the guild schedules most things on Tuesdays and there's usually four Tuesdays in the month. If there happens to be a fifth Tuesday, we take a road trip. I think it was Jan who thought of the clever and fitting name for it, but of course it involves fabric shopping and eating.

This time out we went to Rock Hill, SC for a tour of YLI's thread operations. Our tour guide was president Jim Miller who showed us some of the older machines as well as newer ones. Some of these machines braid trims while some others wind thread. Then he let us loose in the stacks to shop for thread goodies.

For lunch we went to Michael's Rock Hill Grille which everyone agreed was an amazing meal. Then it was off to Quilt Patch Fabrics in Matthews, NC for some shopping therapy. Sorry, but I was just too busy there to get any pictures :~D

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