October General Meeting/Saying Thanks to Lynne

Since the end of our year is coming to an end, it's time for Lynne to pass on her position as guild president. I know that we will miss her enthusiasm as well as her lively messages in the newsletter. As a parting gift Clara secretly made Lynne one of her famous quilted bags, which I know Lynne has been trying and failing to win at several of our silent auctions. Combined with a Disney fabric (yes, Lynne is a Disney addict) it was the perfect gift!

After that, Clara raffled off the grand prize for our year long UFO contest. A Baby Lock sewing machine was won by Vicki M. who was not present this month. I'm sure she was, however, very excited when she found out her good fortune.

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Vicki said...

Yes, I was excited that I won the sewing machine. sorry I missed the meeting. DH is very ill.