State Fair Time

This year, as usual, GCQ was well represented at the State Fair. Here is a sampling of some of quilts from our members. I know that I missed some. If you had a quilt in the fair and you have a picture, send it to me and I'll make sure that it gets included here with the others.

This quilt by Lynne, our president, was one of my favorites. And even though it didn't win a ribbon, it was hung in a special place where you could see the entire quilt. There's lots of added details in this one so I hope you got a chance to see it. 

Here's a gamecock quilt by Annette with a blue ribbon on it.

 Liz's scrap quilt won a red ribbon. This is one that I wished was hung unfolded so I could see the whole pattern. Oh well.

Zohra's wall quilt won a blue ribbon.

The next two are by Clara. The first one was moved to a less unfortunate spot, thank goodness. 

The jars quilt on the left is also by Clara and the right one is one of Elizabeth's quilts. Both have blue ribbons as well as Clara's hexagon quilt above.

In the fine art section there were the following members' quilts:

Sandra finished her wall quilt in time for the fair.
Paula, one of our newer members, was also juried in.

JoAnne had two of her lovely pieces in the fair this year.

The big winner in the fine arts division was Zohra, one of our most creative members in my opinion. She was the recipient of a Fine Art Merit Award for Amateurs. Zohra has wonderful hand stitching skills as well as an interest in other media. She brings her Indian culture into her work to give a fresh and unique perspective that I always enjoy seeing. Congratulations Zohra!


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