Thank You for Giving

Thanks to all who rose to the occasion and donated to Harvest Hope over the holidays. This year we collected food and baby supplies in November and cleaning and baby supplies in December. Harvest Hope was very appreciative, especially since our area was hit so hard this year with the flooding, and need was greater than usual. As Bev and I made the delivery to their facilities it made me so proud to represent our group, and awed of how generous you all were this year. 

December Show and Tell

December's show and tell started out with our doll makers, Sandra and Bev.

Judy shared her version of the block exchange the day bee has been working on.

Here's are two beautiful batik quilts from Bonnie and Jana.

Betty Jean has been busy with a patriotic quilt and some Christmas stockings.

Anita organized a mystery quilt as part of her time as program co-chair. Here is her completed quilt on the left as well as Ann on the right.

Marilyn seems to be in the holiday spirit, covering Valentine's Day and Christmas.

Sue has been busy again making comfort quilts. I wish I knew how many she has made so far.

You can always count on Elizabeth to bring in something wonderful.

I know these aren't the clearest pictures but I had to include them all so you can see how truly creative Zohra's coat really is. She never fails to amaze me.

 Thank you ladies for sharing all your creativity!

December Program

To celebrate the holidays we at Greater Columbia Quilters had our annual potluck. A good meal was had by all and I know that I, as usual, overindulged on all the goodies that our members brought. In addition, we had a very special show and tell this year. Back in July, after our Christmas in July program, members had a Christmas fabric swap. The directions were as follows:

Bring one yard of washed and ironed 100% cotton Christmas fabric and a pair of scissors. You will leave with a paper bag of assorted Christmas fabrics, and the name of the original participant. In the next five months, use the bag of fabrics to make a Christmas gift for the name of the person whose fabric started the bag. They won’t know who has their name and the big reveal will be in December at our Christmas gathering.

So, here's just a sampling of some of the results of the challenge.
Here's Clara with an apron and Joan with a wallhanging.

 Zohra looks very happy with her wallhanging, paper pieced by Lynne.

Here's Betty holding up her pillow while Missy watches the fun.

????????? shows off her beautiful placemats.

This wallhanaging was a big hit with everyone and Ellen was the lucky one to take it home.

I don't know who the lucky recipient of this wonderful pillow was, but I believe it was made by Jane. She has recently started doing machine embroidery as a business if anyone has a need for her talents.

I'm always amazed at the talent exhibited by this group of ladies and also at their generosity to put so much energy and effort into these wonderful presents to each other. I apologize for not knowing the names of each maker - there was a lot going on at once that day. If anyone can help fill in the blanks, do let me know.

December Schedule of Events

1st Tuesday, December 1st 10:00 AM 
Board Meeting at Creative Sewing Machine Center

2nd Tuesday, December 8th 10:00 AM 
No Day Bee 
General Meeting Special Day 
at Seven Oaks Presbyterian Church
530 St. Andrews Rd, Columbia 
Holiday Luncheon

4th Tuesday, December 22nd 9:30 AM
No Comfort Quilts Sew Day this month
at Seven Oaks Presbyterian Church
530 St. Andrews Rd, Columbia 

Special day, Last Wednesday, December 30th 6:30 PM
Knight Bee meets in the home of Sandra Baker

Debbie Clark Workshop

Here are a few photos from our workshop with Debbie Clark, the watercolor quilt expert. The room was very quiet when I walked in since everyone was very focused on getting their pieces to blend just right. Here's Martha and Dee Dee working hard on their creations.

Looks like Elizabeth was a pro already at these kinds of quilts, since she had her own stash of organized squares. I have to admit, this really appealed to the little OCD voice inside my head. 

Here's Debbie giving Judy some helpful advice on her piece.

Jan and Kathy look like they're putting the finishing touches on their quilt tops.

Kitty and Lynne look very pleased with their projects, don't they?

November Show and Tell

The Mystery Quilt is revealed! Here are participants displaying their quilt tops or WIP (works in progress). Quite a nice turnout and a fun block to play with. Thanks ladies.
Deb amazed us all with this beautiful quilt. We all had to get up close to see how the blocks and colors worked together.

This looks like the top of Beverly's head. This quilt has a vintage feel to it. Elizabeth showed us this cute kids quilt.

Jeanne shared this striking traditional box quilt top while Sandra showed her interest in art quilts.

Jean and Rosina shared the spotlight with these two charity quilts.

And finally Vicki impressed us all with these two beauties and I believe the first may be a Bonnie Hunter pattern. Looks like Vicki is going through a green period.

November General Meeting - Debbie Clark

In November we had the pleasure of hosting a program featuring Debbie Clark. With the help of helpful husband she showed us several of her wonderful watercolor themed quilts. They truly were inspirational and several of our members were lucky enough to take a watercolor quilt workshop with her after the meeting (see later blog entry). I was not one of these people but it did make me want to start planning one of my own for someday (we all have one of those lists, don't we?) Here are a few of her special quilts, and if you want to see more, check out her blog at Not only does she blog about watercolor quilts, but she has some nice tips and tutorials to share as well.