Cowlumbia Challenge

The June picnic was also the deadline for our Cowlumbia Challenge. The idea was to make a
24" x 36" wall quilt that was a visual twist on the words "cow" and Columbia." It looks like it was a great success to me. Thanks to Zohra for taking these pictures in my absence.

Linda D.- Crazy for Cowlumbia              Jana - Moon Over Cowlumbia

Jolene - The Leaning Tower of Water

             Tambra - Cowlumbia SC, Famoosly Hot           Carol - Moo at the Zoo   

Judy - Cola City Cow

Linda V.- Holy Cowlumbia

Sandra - Miss Cowlumbia

Anita - Cow-lumbia! Come Be AMOOsed!

Wilma - Moosical Cow

JoAnn - One Eared Blossom           Dee - Cowlumbia City Moos

Margaret - Miss Moo Moo Guernsey

Jane - Moo La-La

Jeanne - George Washington Visits COW-lumbia

Lynne - Purple Mootins

Denise - Moo West

And here is Dee accepting the Viewer's Choice Award from our program chair Sandra. 
Dee has won a $50 certificate to Creative Sewing Center. Congratulations Dee.

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