March Show and Tell

March Show and Tell started off with Jolene who showed us this adorable Dr. Suess baby quilt.

Mary's been  monkeying around with this baby quilt (yes I said it) and has finished her Day Bee block exchange quilt too.

I don't know who made these two quilts because she's hiding her face and I just can't remember : ) Hopefully I can figure this out and give her credit for her efforts.

Looks like Jan is trying to hide her face too but finally succumbs in the end. She's been keeping super busy with these four sweet crib quilts.

Missy is the first one to bring in her finished project from the Elaine Quell workshop as well as this crib quilt. She definitely picked some exciting colors for her version of a tree.

The block in this small quilt by Martha really creates an interesting pattern.

And finally, it's always interesting to see what new work JoAnn will bring in. I love to see how she plays around with textures.

Thank you for sharing ladies!!

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