May Program Part 1 -- Dee's Trunk Show

Thank you so much to Dee and Wilma for the wonderful trunk show that they presented for the general meeting. It's always great to see the talent that is right here in our own guild and both these quilters are loaded with talent. Due to the large amount of quilts shown, today I'm going to show you the quilts that Dee brought in and show Wilma's next time. Dee presented her quilts in chronological order (more or less) so you can see how her skills and tastes have progressed through the years.
Everybody starts somewhere and this is one of Dee's earliest. I just want to point out the individual white squares in the close up picture that show Dee's thought process back then.

Dee learned about appliqué and hand quilting very early on and this piece is really beautiful.

This is the quilt that was featured in the Great American Quilts book nine that was published by Leisure Arts in 2001.  I actually have this book and was very excited to find Dee and her quilt while flipping through it one day.

These two were part of group projects. 

This was one of my favorites. 

Thanks Dee for sharing this wonderful body of work. I know the guild really enjoyed it.

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