2017 Challenge

2017 Challenge Guidelines      “Black, White and Plus!”

Entries and the Winner
   The viewers choice winner of the challenge was Joanne Westphal.

Here is a close up view.

 Following are many others not in any particular order:
      Anita B

Clara F

Jolene M 

Judy K

Judy L

Kitty D

Mary Z

Sally M

Sandra B

Vicki M

 Zohra A

Here are a few I don't recognize so if you do, please share names. 

                Challenge Rules

1. Not to exceed stated size.  Size Lap size (not to exceed 60"x 72")
2. Must be a layered piece with Top, Back, and Batting
3. Quilt must be bound and quilted.
4. Quilt must contain Black and White, Plus one other color
     A.  Black on white, White on black fabrics are permissible
     B.  Black/white may include all of the tones including grey
     C.  Plus 1 is one other color, this may only contain this color and all of its tone and tints may be
                  used, may be tone on tone
     D.  Plus 1 may not have black or white or any other color in it no matter how slight to qualify as a                      Plus 1 fabric
5.  Black/white do not have to be the predominant color.
All quilts to be displayed at the June 2017 picnic.
All quilts will be judged by the attendees and viewer’s choice will be awarded.

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