April Events

April 2nd  10:00 AM                        Board Meeting
 at Creative Sewing Machine Center                               1st Tuesday

April 9th   9:30 AM                          Day Bee                  2nd Tuesday  
Meets at the home of Elizabeth K

April 16th   9:30 AM             Regular Meeting
 at Seven Oaks Presbyterian Church                               3rd Tuesday
 530 St. Andrews Rd, Columbia
 FELLOWSHIP HALL           Karen Kendo

      Karen Kendo, an award winning longarm quilter will be visiting us this month. She will present a program entitled Longarm Quilting -- From Edge-To-Edge to Heirloom Custom. She will do a Power Point presentation with lots of pictures and explanations of the different levels of quilting and what to expect from your longarm quilter. A handout will be provided on how to prepare your quilt for the longarm quilter. Karen will also bring some of her own quilts for a trunk show to allow you to see different levels and styles of longarm quilting up close and personal. See the workshops section for information on Karen's half-day workshop.    
 Half-day workshop -- Learning to Listen to Your Quilt For all of you who look at your beautiful, newly made quilt tops and say to yourself, "how the heck am I going to quilt this?" here is the workshop for you. Sometimes a quilt top shouts what it wants to have quilted on it and sometimes it whispers, and sometimes it is mute. This workshop focuses on listening to your quilt to determine the best and most complementary way to quilt it. Topics will focus on style, breaking the quilt down into design sections, intended use of the quilt, etc. This is a design class for all types of machine quilters, as well as hand quilters. Participants are encouraged to bring a quilt top to class for discussion. Karen says that she did this as a three hour class at state retreat this fall and it was a big hit. If you want to participate in this class you may still sign up. Price of the workshop is $15. Supply list: notepad and pencil and of course bring one of your quilt tops.

April 22nd   7:00 PM                         Quilt Mavens              4th Monday
Meet at the home of Jean M    

April 23rd  9:30 AM           Comfort Quilts Sew Day          4th Tuesday
at Seven Oaks Presbyterian Church   in SS classroom

April  25th  7:00 PM                         Knight Bee
Meets at the home of Dee D                           Last Thursday of month

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